Best Anker Earbuds 2023 (Wireless Bluetooth headphones)


Are you in search of the best Anker earbuds 2023 for your ultimate music experience?Best Anker Earbuds 2021

Earbuds are the best friend for listening to your favorite music as the surrounding noise sank the pleasant sound of your music. The Anker earbuds offer great sound quality, deep bass, noise-cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as they allow you to receive incoming calls.

Best Anker Earbuds 2023

These earbuds are not only good for listening to music they are best for work and business meetings as they can cancel or minimize the surrounding noises. Furthermore, the Anker earbuds are water-resistant and sweat-resistant that make them versatile to wear for a workout, gym, playing, and dancing as it comes with a snug-fitting design. We have got these seven of the top Anker earbuds for you that will make you feel better and give you the ultimate music experience during jogging and leisure time.

Comparison Table of Best Anker Earbuds 2023

Anker EarbudsRatingPrice
Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Earbuds⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Earbuds⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Anker AK-A3403011 Wireless Headphones⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Earbuds⭐⭐⭐⭐
Anker Soundbuds Slim Bluetooth Earbuds⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Earbuds⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Anker Soundcore Life P2 Earbuds⭐⭐⭐⭐

List of Best Anker Earbuds 2023 – Highly Rated

 1.  Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Earbuds – Wireless

Soundcore Anker Liberty Air 2 Wireless Earbuds,...
  • Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People
  • Diamond-Inspired Sound: Inspired by the ultra-hard structure of diamonds, Liberty Air...
  • Perfect for Home Offices: Each earbud is equipped with two microphones and cVc 8.0...
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Recharge quickly
  • Reasonable battery life
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Moderate price tag
  • Poor mic performance
  • Sometimes Bluetooth connectivity issues with I-phones


A user-friendly and comfortable earbud that can easily fit in your ear. The fit type of these Anker earbuds is in-ear. Additionally, it can easily fit in your ear in simple 3 steps. It offers full touch control; you can on/off it via touch, control your music, stop the music, forward the track with a simple touch. It enables you to activate your voice call with a simple touch as well.

It is light in weight and portable as its charging case easily fits in a handbag or pocket. Furthermore, this design is wireless and has built-in microphones and you can use both earbuds as a single-use that make it more versatile. This is best for travel and business calls as it offers HearID personalized sound.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of these earbuds offer is perfect. It allows a crystal clear voice and calls as it is equipped with 4 microphones that help in reducing the surrounding noise. It has a built-in cVc technology that reduces the noise and helps in providing a crystal clear voice.

Moreover, it provides high-quality sound through diamond-inspired drivers for the ease of consumers.

Battery Life:

The battery life is up to 7 hrs at the single charge as the battery life is also depends on the usage. The battery life along with the charging case is 28 hours that make sure it comes with long battery life. Additionally, if you are in hurry and don’t have enough time for recharging; recharge these earbuds for 10 minutes and use them for the next 2 hours.


The accessories included are extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large Ear-tips, a charging case, and a USB-C cable. A complete package for your convenience.

Additional features:

  • Available in black and white color
  • The water-resistant feature provides durability, IPX5 rating.
  • It offers wireless recharging, no wire no tangle.
  • Qualcomm aptX
  • The company offers 18 months of warranty.


  • The Bluetooth transmitter frequency ranges from 2402 MHz to 2480 MHz
  • The Bluetooth range is 32 feet or 10 meters.
  • The weight of Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is 2.08 ounces only.
  • The dimensions of these earbuds are 1.97 x 2.20 x 0.98 inches.

 2.  Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Earbuds – Comes with Bluetooth

Soundcore by Anker Liberty 2 Pro True Wireless...
  • Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture: A state-of-the-art design which integrates a...
  • In-Ear Studio Performance: Liberty 2 Pro is recommended by 10 Grammy Award winning...
  • 8-Hour Playtime*: A single charge of the earbuds gives 8 hours of audio, with 4 more...
  • Comfortable
  • Comes in different colors
  • Long battery life
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Safe to use
  • A bit heavy as compared to others
  • The price tag is a little high

Sound and Bass:

It has built-in drivers that provide good sound quality. Both the armature driver and dynamic driver helps in giving the deep bass and that is near to the ear. The large 11mm driver gives amazing supremacy to the low end and along with the bass blow the precise audio and clear sound quality.

Additionally, it provides a clear sound along with a natural vibe without any distortion as it is equipped with 11 mm Astria Coaxial sound. The built-in 4 microphones along with the cVc 8.0 uplink help in minimizing the surrounding noise that makes it best for travel and entertainment.


It is designed to provide you comfort and secure to use. It offers single ear connectivity; it allows you to listen by both or any one of the ear. This feature makes it unique and more useful. Additionally, the earTips contain an excessive amount of liquid-silicone that provides additional comfort to your ear. The ear wings also provide ease and it can easily fit in simple 3 steps.

Furthermore, these earbuds are water-resistant and durable.

Battery Life:

The battery life of these earbuds is 8 hours per charge. Moreover, it offers 32 hours of long playtime with the charging case. It offers easy and quick recharging as well. Recharge for only 10 minutes and use these earbuds for the next 2 hours and it offers wireless recharging.

Additional Features:

  • It works on 2 Lithium Polymer batteries.
  • HearID personalized sound
  • It is USB compatible.
  • The waterproof rating is IPX4.


  • The battery capacity of these earbuds is 65 mA x 2 and the charging case is 500 mA.
  • The weight of Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro is 3.52 ounces only.
  • The dimensions of these earbuds are 1.15 x 0.67 x 1.12 inches.

 3.  Anker AK-A3403011 Wireless Headphones – best overall

Bluetooth Headphones, Soundcore Spirit Sports...
  • IPX7 Sweat Guard Technology:Truly sweat proof technology specially designed to...
  • Musical Motivation:Crystal-clear sound is delivered through premium composite...
  • Ergonomic Design:The cable clip keeps the neckband off your neck, while the...
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Good bass
  • Long battery life
  • Snug fit
  • Customer reports voice is low


Anker AK-A3403011 is a wireless headphone and earbuds. It is the best ultra-lightweight Anker earbuds and it offers you to adjust the spirit’s cable swiftly and easily behind the head. It provides you a comfortable grip as the earTips and earhooks hold the spirit cable tightly in its place to give you a protected grip.

Sound Quality:

It provides a crystal-clear sound as it is equipped with 6.1 mm Drivers. The crystal-clear sound makes it best for the workout as it provides you with good music quality and charges you with positive energy.

Battery Life:

These earbuds will work 8 hours straight on a single recharge. When the battery is also the beep sound lets you know it time to recharge your earbuds.


The waterproof rating of these earbuds is IPX7. It is also a sweat-resistant, which makes it more durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, the IPX is not enough as it will not protect the earbuds against sweating. It is one of the durable and best Anker earbuds.

Additional Features:

  • The design of the earbuds is inspired by a submarine.
  • Hydrophobic nano-coating.
  • It works with 2 Lithium Polymer battery.


  • The weight of Anker AK-A3403011 Sports Earbuds is 0.53 ounces only.
  • The dimensions of these earbuds are 23.60 x 1.30 x 0.47 inches.

 4.  Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Earbuds

Soundcore Upgraded, Anker Liberty Neo True...
  • Expertly Tuned Graphene Drivers: As graphene’s earliest pioneers, we have used our...
  • Bass You Can Feel: Our exclusive BassUp technology analyzes your audio’s low...
  • Unbreakable Connectivity: An external antenna combines with Bluetooth 5.0 to create...
  • Good sound quality
  • Snug fit
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Reasonable bass
  • Moderate price
  • The battery life is short

Sound and Bass:

These earbuds are an upgraded version and equipped with graphene drivers that deliver crisp clear sound. It provides good sound quality and it has built-in 2 microphones that make it best for call and reduce the noise level. You will receive natural sound without any interruption.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a technology that has a modified algorithm. This algorithm does real-time analysis and it can low the frequency. Additionally, it provides deep bass. The audio sensitivity is 97 decibels.

Battery Life:

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo offers 5 hours of battery playtime per charge and 20 hours with the charging case. These pair of earbuds are ideal for travel and workout. It recharges quickly and after 10 minutes of recharging, you will use it for 1 hour.


The design of these earbuds is universally fit and it is equipped with GripFit technology that provides a solid and firm grip. You can use it while running, doing exercise, and another workout. It uses one Lithium Polymer battery to operate.

Note: Make sure to lock it before any workout.

Waterproof & Sweatproof:

The waterproof rating of these earbuds is IPX7 and fully sweatproof. It will use in the rain as well and suitable while running, dancing, and jumping.

Strong Connectivity:

It uses satellite technology; as an LDS antenna along with Bluetooth 5.0 that provides an uninterrupted connection. It also minimizes sound leakage.

Additional Features:

  • It offers 4 sets of EarWings and EarTips.
  • Offers single-use from the right earbud.
  • It is equipped with Stereo Microphone Technology.
  • Universal phone control feature.
  • The company offers 18 months of warranty.


  • The weight of Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo is 1.76 ounces only.
  • The dimensions of these earbuds are 2.95 x 1.38 x 1.18 inches.

 5.  Anker Soundbuds Slim Bluetooth Earbuds

Anker Soundbuds Slim+ Bluetooth Headphones,...
  • Listen for longer: up to 10 hours of playtime and fully charged in just 1. 5 hours.
  • Superior sound: well-balanced audio with rich bass and enhanced clarity brings your...
  • Fits like a Glove: slim build, ergonomically designed for exceptional comfort
  • Cord clip
  • Lightweight
  • Great sound quality
  • Best price tag
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Battery life is not good


A slim and sleek design that easily fits in your ear. It fits in your ears just like the glove fit in your hand and light in weight as well. Additionally, this slim-fit design makes it best to wear while doing exercise, jumping, dancing, and any other tasks.


It has a fully water-resistant feature that makes it durable and long-lasting. The waterproof rating of these earbuds is IPX7t make them sweat-resistant as well.

Battery Life:

The battery life of these earbuds is up to 10 hours; it provides you 10 hours of playtime that is reasonable. Moreover, it takes only 90 minutes to recharge fully.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of these earbuds is crispy clear. It provides the well audio along with a deep bass that increases the music quality so you can enjoy it.


The box contains sound buds slim+, 01 cord management clip, multiple ear wings, and eartips, carrying case, USB 2. 0 charging cable, and a cord shirt clip.

Additional Features:

  • It works on 1 Lithium Polymer battery.
  • The carrying case easily fits in the bag.
  • Easy to store.
  • It comes in black color.
  • It comes with a certified charger.


  • The weight of Anker Soundbuds A3412011 is 0.48 ounces only.
  • The dimensions of these earbuds are 34.00 x 19.00 x 12.00 inches.

 6.  Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Earbuds

Soundcore by Anker Liberty 2 Wireless Earbuds,...
  • Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People
  • Diamond-Inspired Driver: Inspired by the ultra-hard structure of diamonds, Liberty...
  • Up to 32 Hours of Playtime: A single charge gives you up to 8 hours of listening,...
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Recharge quickly
  • USB connection
  • Reasonable price
  • Sometimes lose connection


The shape of these Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 A3913 Wireless Earbuds inspires diamond-shaped making them the perfect looking earbuds for your ears.


The play time for these earbuds allows you to listen to your favorite music for almost 32 hours straight.

Charging time:

The charging time of these Anker earbuds allows you to enjoy the extended 02 hours of music with a single charge. There is another feature of these earbuds that makes them the best Anker earbuds and that feature is you can charge them for 20 minutes and can easily carry them for additional 08 hours of seamless operations.


The noise-cancellation feature of these earbuds comes with 04-microphone enabled uplinks for the seamless noise-cancellation effects that make these earbuds the premium choice for wearning them while you are on the go.


The water-resistant feature of these earbuds comprises of IPX5 technology that makes them the perfect choice for your earbuds.

Additional Features:

  • HearID personalized sound
  • Qualcomm aptX gives the ultimate sound experience
  • Perfect of outdoors
  • They come in black color


  • The weight of Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 is 3.52 ounces only.
  • The dimensions of these earbuds are 1.14 x 0.63 x 1.10 inches.

 7.  Anker Soundcore Life P2 Earbuds

Soundcore Anker Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds -...
  • Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People
  • 40-Hour Playtime: Enjoy 7 hours of listening from a single charge, and extend that to...
  • Superior Sound: Delivers music with a wider soundstage and exceptional accuracy and...
  • Connects quickly
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Deep bass
  • Long battery life
  • Outstanding price tag
  • Can’t control volume through earbuds


These earbuds have got IPX7 technology that allows them to be worn in any weather conditions. Now you can wear them in rain and even your sweat won’t be a problem with these earbuds.

Best for:

These earbud’s performance made them the best choice for wearing them during business calls, while commuting, or you are traveling, or even when you are out there for playing your favorite sport or attending your regular gym.


The sound of these earbuds consists of Premium sound that has diamond-inspired drivers for bringing the best audio voice and sound qualities of your music. Furthermore, it consists of the Qualcomm aptX technology that brings out the bass and treble that makes your music worth listening to.

Charging time:

The charging time and the extended performance with a single charge make them the perfect earbuds for wearing outdoors. Now you can have the perfect 40 hours of non-stop music with these earbuds.

Furthermore, the charging time of these earbuds is 10 minutes for providing you with an extended hour of listening to your music.

Additional features:

  • They can be used as Single earbud
  • Uses USB-C type port for charging
  • Equipped with the PUSH AND GO technology
  • These are known as sports wear earbuds


  • The weight of Anker Soundcore Life P2 is 2.08 ounces only.
  • The dimensions of these earbuds are 3.15 x 2.05 x 1.18 inches.

Buying Guide For Best Anker Earbuds 2023:

The buying guide for the best Anker earbuds allows you to select the most effective and efficient earbuds. These earbuds come in handy when jogging in the morning or listening to your favorite music in your leisure time.

In addition, there are a few features that you need to consider while purchasing these earbuds for yourself. These features are elaborated in detail for you.

  • Sound:

The most salient feature of these earbuds starts with the sound quality of these earbuds that comes with them. If you are looking for the ultimate choice for your earbuds then you must check them before paying the bill for them. In addition, two types of headphones are currently in the market.

One with the wire and the other that are wireless. Wired earbuds have got the best features of backburner that makes them the perfect choice. On the other hand, when it comes to wireless earbuds they must have the best and advance technology with which they come.

  • Battery:

The battery is another main feature when it comes to earbuds. These earbuds can be wired or wireless they both tend to depend upon the batteries with which they come. Furthermore, the more powerful batteries they possess they tend to serve you with more time.

In addition, if you are looking for these earbuds then you must select the earbuds that come with extended hours for supplying you with your favorite music. This allows you to use them for extended hours as well.

  • Water-resistant:

These earbuds must be water-resistant as they tend to have very sensitive technology that makes them even more sensitive and without water-resistant features, it will be useless to buy these earbuds. As they won’t be supporting you during the jogging time or at any time.

  • Sweat-resistant:

This is another important feature that allows your earbuds during the day time when you are jogging and exercising. This feature allows you to have the perfect experience while wearing your earbuds.

  • Noise-cancellation:

Further, is another main feature that brings out the best specifications of the earbuds and that feature is noise-canceling ability. This ability allows you to have restricted sound from outside and you can listen to what is there in your ears.

  • Charging time:

Charging time of the earbuds is another must thing that you need to consider while going out there in the market for purchasing them. There are earbuds in the market that comes with fast charging capabilities. Furthermore, these features allow these earbuds to get charged within minutes and further provide services for another couple of hours.

  • Charging port:

You need to consider the port that comes with these earbuds for charging them. Some come with the regular charging ports and some come with the C-type charging ports. These ports are the fast charging ports that enable you to charge your earbuds fastly.


What are the best Anker earbuds?

Our top 3 picks are:

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Wireless Earbuds

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Anker AK-A3403011 Bluetooth Headphones, Soundcore Spirit Sports Earbuds

Is Anker a good brand for earbuds?

Yes, the Anker earbuds are worth buying. It offers crystal clear calls, good sound quality, snug fit, amazing bass, and above-all this is budget-friendly headphone.

Which Anker Soundcore is best?

On our list Anker Soundcore Life P2 A3919011 True Wireless Earbuds is the best, as it offers 40 hours of playtime with a charging case.


To conclude we must say that all the above-mentioned products are reliable and safe to use. Anker earbuds have built-in with all the standard features and some additional features to make them the best.

Additionally, these earbuds provide a crisp clear sound, good bass, and long battery time. You can use them while playing, dancing, and jumping, as well as it, fit strongly in your ear. Anker earbuds have water-resistant feature and some of them are sweat-resistant as well that give the extra durability.

We hope our comprehensive review and buying guide helps you in choosing the best Anker earbuds.

Our Recommendation:

Our 1st recommendation is Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Wireless Earbuds. It provides good sound quality, reasonable bass, a moderate price tag, and suitable for business calls as well. Our 2nd recommendation is Anker Soundcore Life P2 A3919011 True Wireless Earbuds. It also comes with all the standard features but it offers a long playtime of 40 hours with a charging case.

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