7 Best Cabinet Door Bumpers 2022 – 2023 | Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide


Have you been on the lookout for a way to prevent your doors from slamming shut every time you close them? So, take a look at the best cabinet door bumpers that we’ve gathered below and make your house noise-free. Finding the correct door bumpers is a difficult job in and of itself. You’ll need something that not only keeps your doors from making annoying noises, but also keeps your furniture from wearing out. Indoor bumpers for each of these things are difficult to come by, but they are not impossible.

Best Cabinet Door Bumpers

Best Cabinet Door Bumpers 2022

You just need to look in the right places to find what you’re searching for. So, to make your search a little easier, we did some research and found the following cabinet door bumpers that are perfect for homes and offices. All of the door bumpers we’ve mentioned below are powerful and last for a long time.

Take a look at all of our suggestions and choose the cabinet door bumper that best fits your needs.

Comparison Table of Best Cabinet Door Bumpers 2021

Cabinet Door BumpersRatingPrice
Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Rok Hardware Door & Drawer Cabinet Bumpers⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Circular Dots Shaped Adhesive Bumper Pads⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Outus 254 Adhesive Clear Rubber Bumper Pads⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
100 soft close cabinet bumpers⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ultra-quiet HushBumps gel bumpers⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sound dampening door bumper⭐⭐⭐⭐

List of Best Cabinet Door Bumpers 2022 – Highly Rated


 1.  Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers

Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers, 1/2...
  • 1/2inch diameter, 5mm height
  • Soft-durometer two stage impact resistance greatly reduces noise
  • Clear
  • Stick very well for
  • Not expensive
  • Best in the market
  • Offers guarantee
  • Minimize noise
  • Untouched by plastic/ceramic surfaces

Popular Brand

Are you tired of your doors slamming shut every time you close them? Take a look at Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers, for instance. Noisy doors can be extremely inconvenient not only for the residents of a home, but also for their neighbours. Finding the right door bumpers can seem difficult, but it isn’t if you know which brand to look into first. We’ve used a number of Yonisun products and have never been disappointed.


We came across Yonisun’s catalogue when looking for the best sound dampening door bumpers, and we thought it was the best. The company sells a variety of bumpers, but the ones we liked best were these translucent bumpers that stick to your doors like glue.


These bumpers are the quietest on the market and stick like a magnet. One of the key reasons we chose Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers was because we like long-lasting items, which this one certainly does.

Adhensive is of good quality

The adhesive on these bumpers is extremely solid, and they adhere well to finished wood surfaces. The only drawback we discovered with these bumpers is that they aren’t suitable for those looking for door bumpers for doors that aren’t made of wood.

Exclusively for Wooden Doors

Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers were designed exclusively for wooden surfaces. They’re not going to stick to ceramic, plastic, or even steel. The bumpers are often a little difficult to stick because you have to separate the bumper’s middle from its sides, but it is only because of this difficulty that the bumper becomes the quietest bumper on the market.

Why Top Recommendation?

The Yonisun Sound Dampening Door Bumpers are at the top of our list because they adhere well, have a 6-month warranty, and are very affordable. The best thing is that these door bumpers are completely functional and offer optimum comfort.


 2.  Rok Hardware Door & Drawer Cabinet Bumpers

100 Pack SoftClose Door & Drawer Cabinet Furniture...
  • SOUND STOPPER Round clear rubber bumpers - An inexpensive cabinet door silencer
  • VERSATILE Kitchen cabinet bumpers, Vanity cabinet door bumpers, drawer bumpers,...
  • DURABLE and long-lasting. Extra sticky backing makes it easy for the bumpers to stay...
  • Bumpers that last a long time
  • Lining is transparent
  • The size is small
  • You can put it anywhere you want
  • Ineffective on metal surfaces.

Satisfied Brand

Our next suggestion is an item from Rok Hardware, the 100 pc SoftClose Door and Drawer Cabinet Bumpers is all you really need to exterminate the irritating noise of pulling and closing the cabinet doors. Rok is a brand and name that you can confide without thinking twice. The company has managed to build up the performance and the reliability of all its products since the time when the company came into use.

Multi-purpose bumpers

Over the years, Rok Brand which is shipped under Rok Hardware has produced several coloured and clear door bumpers and much of them have allowed users to persist noise-free at all moments. Until a few months ago, when Rok came up with the concept of adding multi-purpose bumpers that can be used underdrawers, benches, tables, and other items in addition to doors.

Door Silencers

The SoftClose Door and Drawer Cabinet Bumpers are a collection of door silencers that can be used in a variety of situations. They can be found in kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, and even to muffle the sound of a dragging table. These bumpers are extremely tough and have an extra sticky peel that keeps them stuck to the surface for as long as you want. The stopper is diameter, which is large enough for both small and large spaces.


Let’s say if you want to mount to it a bigger door, you can put more than three bumpers on the door and it will do its job magically. The bumpers are also translucent so you won’t really know that they are there. The rubber-like material adheres to wooden, plastic, and aluminium surfaces with a strong grip. The pointed nipple ensures that it holds well and does not lose its grip no matter how long it has been in use. The only issue we had with this bumper was the method of removing it.

Why choose this?

Overall, the SoftClose Door and Drawer Cabinet Bumpers are all you’ll need to finally silence the irritating door. The cost of the packet is also fair, and the fact that these bumpers last a long time justifies purchasing them.


 3.  Circular Dots Shaped Adhesive Bumper Pads

Cabinet Bumpers 200 PCS Rubber Bumpers, Circular...
  • 【More Quantity, Better Quality】A pack of 200 pieces rubber cabinet door bumpers...
  • 【Noise Dampening, Surface Protecting】Rubber bumper pads not only help to reduce...
  • 【Double Buffer, Transparent Design】The special double buffer circular dot-shaped...
  • Wide range
  • High quality standard
  • Available low cost
  • Set of 200 pads
  • Cleaning is a little challenging

Amazing set of 200 pads

The Book Cabinet 200 PCS Rubber Bumpers are everything you’ll need to get through the months without hearing a peep from your drawers or doors. The whole kit comes with an amazing set of 200 pads, and you’re going to love how well everything works together. The best part is that Baipok has bumpers in a range of sizes that will match your entire house’s doors, seats, drawers, cupboards, and tables.

Wide range of door silencers

Book Cabinet 200 PCs Rubber Bumpers provides a wide range of door silencers for a low price. The design and standard of these bumpers are also outstanding, so you have nothing to be worried about if you plan to buy them.


These bumpers have a diameter of 0.4 inches and a height of 0.2 inches, which is more than enough to keep your home quiet. The bumpers are made of a crystal clear translucent material that resembles water droplets and will not distract from the elegance of your home while remaining quiet.

Adhesive glue

These bumpers were made with 3M adhesive glue, which is more than enough to hold them sticking to the wall. It’s simple to apply and even simpler to remove, ensuring that your furniture’s paint and finish aren’t harmed in the process.

Why choose this?

We were blown away by the beauty of these door bumpers. They are high-quality silencers that are designed to last. The only drawback we found is that they are a little difficult to clean, but that isn’t a concern if you keep them inside the cabinet. So, if you’re looking for a large kit that covers all of your door bumper requirements, Baipok Cabinet Rubber Bumpers is the way to go. These are extremely simple to install, last a long time, and effectively reduce vibration induced by slamming doors.

 4.  Outus 254 Adhesive Clear Rubber Bumper Pads

Outus 254 Pieces Clear Rubber Feet Bumper Pads...
  • Noise dampening bumper pads: place these rubber pads on drawers, cabinets, doors,...
  • Soft bumper buffer pads: these bumpers are soft with elasticity, can prevent surfaces...
  • Self stick rubber feet: made of rubber in clear color, self adhesive, easy to peel...
  • Bumpers auto-adhesive
  • Effectively reduce noise
  • Come in different sizes
  • Easily installed
  • Often out of stock


The Outus Clear Rubber Feet Bumper Pads series includes a whopping 254 pieces in a variety of sizes and for a variety of uses. Altus provides you with the maximum number of bumper pads possible in a single box. The best part is that you get a large number of bumpers for a very low price. These sound-dampening bumpers will help buffer out the extra noise you’ll be subjected to at home as a result of your children’s inability to refrain from slamming doors shut.


This package includes six different size variations, as well as a large number of bumpers that can be used on doors, cabinets, drawers, windows, and other furniture. You can also use these bumpers to protect the feet of your furniture from wear and tear. There is no other surface in the six different sizes. You can even put them under your keyboard to prevent this ticking noise from happening when someone sleeps. Because these bumpers have different sizes, the only thing that the company suggests is that children are not able to do so. These are small sections which can swallow and harm your health.


As the name implies, the Outus Clear Rubber Feet Stumblers are transparent and reduce slamming noise effectively. Its auto adhesive capabilities are mental and the noise-free environment that the bumpers provide will make you fall in love.

Easily Install

The pads can be installed and removed easily. You won’t even have to worry about your beautiful interior doors looking ugly since they’re transparent. You just must always keep them clean and you won’t have to worry about anything else once you do that.

Why choose this?

With 254 pieces in a single package the Outus Clear Rubber Feet Bumper Pads offers a very economical price range. We love the quality of these door bumpers and they definitely deserve to be bought if you have a budget.


 5.  100 soft close cabinet bumpers

Soft Close Cabinet Bumper 100 PCS Clear Adhesive...
  • UPGRADED VERSION RECOMMENDED BY THE CUSTOMER: The product came into being because it...
  • The Softest Design: These soft durometer sound dampening bumpers are specifically...
  • Protect Furniture Tops: Protect your furniture from wear and tear. These adhesive...
  • Very workable
  • Efficient adhesive capacity
  • Noise free
  • Vibration free
  • No cons


A unique and special design comes with the Mozoland soft closest cabinet trunks. It has special ring dots on the surface which give the furniture a great cushioning effect. There’s one thing we have always said when recommending door bumpers: go to door bumpers when you want the best results. Well, that is what we have been proven by these bumpers.

Noise & Vibration free

The sound damping bumpers for the durometer are designed solely to ensure the vibration and the noise are absorbed to maximum efficiency when a person slams the door. Sliding doors, cabinet doors, doors inside, drawers and so on can easily be placed on them.


These bumpers are also very ideal for measuring. Not too large and not too small to put them even in the most remote areas.

No wear & tear

The bumpers can also protect your mobilizers against wear and tear, in addition to the ability to damp noise. The integrated self-adhesive is easy to use and sticks to doors like magic. These bumpers can easily be put on tables, vests, desks, cabinets and any kind of furnishings.

Easy to use

The Mozoland Soft Close Cabinet Bumpers are also easy-to-use. You can put them under your furniture to ensure floor safety and minimize the noise.

Why choose this?

In all cases, therefore, we have found that these bumpers are perfect for homes and offices. It says a lot about the product itself that they were made according to customer’s suggestions. We have still tested these bumpers to make sure we do not suggest the wrong product to you. So we suggest you have a winner if you’re looking for the most ideal door bumper.


 6.  Ultra-quiet HushBumps gel bumpers

HushBumps Ultra-Quiet Gel Bumpers. 104 Piece Value...
  • Polymer Gel Technology provides a cushion between the door and frame that...
  • HushBumps are designed for interior doors, interior sliding doors, cabinets and light...
  • Install in seconds with no tools, just peel and stick. Unique adhesive allows removal...
  • Bumper for gel technology
  • Capacity for adhesive sticking
  • Simple to install
  • Simple to remove
  • Not for feet of furniture
  • Virtually visible

Ultra-silent technology

Based on all our recommendations, the latest technologies were one thing we missed. We believed we should bridge the gap by suggesting that you look at the Ultra-Silent Gel Bumpers in HushBump. Do you hear about gel-bumpers for the first time? If so, trust us if we say these bumpers will definitely be worth their time. These bulbs were made from a unique polymer gel material by HushBumps, which gives the correct height and minimizes the slamming noise between the door and the frame.

Vibration free

The Ultra-Quiet HushBumps Gel Bumpers are able to minimise the impact of vibrations and offer the user a noise-free environment. You can save these snacks if you have children at home who ran around doors and drag furniture all the time.

Multifunctional trunks

The pack is filled with multifunctional trunks for use on interior doors, sliding doors, cabinets, etc. The bumpers are ideal in size. They come in different sizes and every dimension is perfect for the task at hand, since they are multi-purposes.


Even if you don’t have to purchase the variety package, this allows you to purchase door bumpers accordingly. One thing we want to mention here is that, as some of us use bumpers as feet for the furniture so that there’s no shouting on the floor, HushBumps isn’t meant so, you might want to look at the other recommendations if you want to find these bumpers.

Why choose this?

A perfect and economical solution for a noiseless office and home are the HushBumps Ultra-Quiet Gel Bumpers. The company guarantees bumpers for six months, making them even worthwhile to buy. So, you actually have to see that if you’re looking for a strong and state-of-the-art bumper.

 7.  Sound dampening door bumper

Sound Dampening Door Bumpers 200 Counts 1/2"...
  • Size:1/2" diameter, 5mm height.Pack of 200pieces.
  • Soft-durometer two stage impact resistance greatly reduces noise.
  • Clear color, environment friendly material.
  • Economical
  • Highly versatile
  • 200 pads in a single bundle
  • A bit difficult to find on the market


Let’s talk about another brand named in the production of some of the best noise bumpers on the market, DGQ. If you liked the eBoot bumper pads, then DGQ Sound damping door bumper should also be checked. These are high-quality door trunks that reduce to a minimum all the noise that can be generated while slamming a door or dragging a chair. These taps also protect your surfaces against other furniture and ensure that your stuff is not damaged while it is being dragged around.

200 pads in one package

As the name implies, the DGQ sound damping bumpers will ensure you get rid of the additional sound of your home furniture. The package comes with 200 pads in one package that is just wonderful and can be used in many places.

Noise free

You could put the loud drag and slamming sound to rest for months to come with the help of these bumpers. These bumpers can also be used and placed under drawers in order to reduce the noise of cutting and shaking.

You remember the difficulty you had when electronics, vault and other equipment slipped off a bronze surface? Well, it isn’t. Place these bumpers in the kitchen counters and your appliances, electronic appliances, in order to avoid extra distress. The DGQ Sound Dampening Docks are not only known for minimizing noise, but also are highly adapted to people who want to avoid damage to furniture.


These bumpers have a shock-absorbing two-stage surface, allowing them to maximize sound absorption. It absorbs a lot of vibration that is more than sufficient for your home to be noiseless. Also for cabinets without bearing doors, the DGQ Sounds Damping Door Bumpers are an excellent alternative. So they seal the doors in the air so that no germs or residues can enter the cabinet.

Why choose this?

You found your winner if you’re looking for a budget package of noise-dampers that can stick on multiple surfaces. One of the most versatile cabinet trucks we’ve come across is the DGQ sound steaming door trumpet.

Final Verdict

We believe that the most suitable and efficient door bumpers for our cabinet were provided by eBoot. These are automatic bumpers which provide the maximum efficiency for sound damping. DGQ is renowned by its production and its products speak for themselves for certain of the best sound dampers on the market. However, you are still fully prepared and will be able to determine the best door buffer for the armchair. We hope you were helpful with this article. Please let us know through your feedback below, if you have any questions or recommendations in this regard.

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