How to Connect Rope Lights to each other? – Complete Guide


With the festivities imminent, the market for various festive lights is on the sky. Did you buy only several packs of seasonal rope lights to illuminate your garden? And are you puzzled about how to connect rope lights to each other? Oh, you’re in the right location then!
We have collected a full and detailed guide here with all the helpful hints to hold you informed in all the fundamentals of rope lights.

How to Connect Rope Lights to each other

In addition to being so majestic and captivating to the eyes, rope lights often provide multiple functions. During the Christmas season, they are among the most common décor objects and people still use them year round in place of colored lights. For a chillier look, you can put them on the window frame of your room or find it in darkened theatres to lead your way to the chairs. But, either used during lighting or illumination, to build a length appropriate for your requirements, you will need to attach many of them.

And this is where you need our help!

Before you decide to release the technician on them, you ought to recognize a rope light’s general premise and structure. A rope light consists of a series of tiny little light bulbs, linked and encased in a transparent PVC cover to give the impression of a string of lights. There are some sections of the rope light written below:

Cable or control cord: Which passes into the power outlet. Even, on the other hand, it has bucket holes.

Power connector: Attaches the power cable through two wires which go into the power cord compartments to the rope light.

Rope light: The main body including bulbs and connectors.

Endcap: Caps the rope light’s loose end and preserves it.

Protective Measures

Don’t immediately take your pliers out! First, read these measures and requirements required to link rope lights together:

  • Before you break ground on it, ensure you isolate the light from the source of power. Since inability to do so may contribute to an electrical risk.
  • Rope lights come wrapped into some kind of coil. You need  to unroll it before attaching it to a socket. Since the PVC jacket can melt the heat produced from them.
  • Consider before cutting! Faulty lights may result from cuts at inappropriate locations. Often look at the correct places for markings on the outermost covering for cutting.
    Put the end cap on before you turn it on.
  • A origin of shielding and protection from any electric shock or other electrical risk is the outer PVC tubing. Consequently, to prevent any unforeseen mishaps, keep in mind the tubing is still intact.
  • Don’t really exert any undue pressure along the length of the light from the string. Since doing so will cause harm to the inner ties between the lights.

1st Step- Slice

At first you need to cut them to the correct length for your venture is the Slicing step in linking two or more rope lights.

Please remember that your rope lights can’t just be cut anywhere. Rather, there are unique slicing points that are typically labelled with dots on the external layer jacket or a sign for cutting, or some other clear hint.

You should compare the length you want with the length can be cut as per the indications.  Do the next smart thing and change the appropriate length if there is a discrepancy between the two.

Uh! Beware! Any prior measurements would be appropriate for this!

Give it your best shot because the entire section of the light will go dark if you cut the light from an unbooked spot, destroying your venture and your mood too.

And that’s what we don’t want!

When you have done all the measurements and estimates and are all ready to make the cut, make sure you are supported by the right cutting instruments. Any sharp razor blade that can cut the wires and plastic is best for this thing. Also, you can use planting clippers or knives or blades that are sharp sufficient.

After that, make a tidy vertical slice. To access specific cords that will allow a contact with connectors over the next light or power cord, you also have to cut/slice the ends a little. Buckle your light to one side after cutting. You will find on bending that the inner wires are jutting out. Trim these wires more, so those wires will not stick out when you stiffen the light back.

And you’re done with slicing step!

2nd Step-Splice

The 2nd step is the trimmed edges’ attachment or link to the end of the power cord or 2nd rope light.

You’ll note that there is a removable top on the power connector which snaps out. Screw this cover out of the connector and position it on the cover with your rope light. Link the pins or straps coming out of the power connector with the rope light’s trim inner wires. To guarantee that there is a close link between the connectors and the wires, strongly drive the light into the connector. Then slide the top back onto the connection and lock it in place afterwards.

Take your power cord now and attach it to the power connector and, thus, to your custom rope lamp.

End caps are the safety covers that enclose any jutting wires to the loose end of the rope light until they tug on to various objects and pose significant electrical and fire hazards.

And you’re nice enough to go!

Now that you’ve got your desired rope light length ready, you can mount it anywhere you want. So prep your mounting board, collect your tools for mounting, and get to work!

These flexible lights are adjustable, so you can twist things them somewhere to position them. Just make sure you don’t tug them or a section can end up damaging you. For further assistance, keep a rope light mounting guide handy.

Wrap up

Rope lights are nice small things that make every room in which you use them brighter. Although they are available in preset lengths, it can be a challenging task to adjust the size as per what your project requires. Before attempting to do the job properly and taking all precautionary measures, gather all the details about the best way to attach rope lights to each other.

And it will liven up your day with your rope lights!

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