How to Hang a TV on Plaster Walls – Step by Step Guide


A new shiny TV is like a valued trophy that everybody else cannot wait to see. Inevitably, it’s too strong to fight the temptation to create a brand new TV once you get it out of the box! If you love spending great moments with your buddies on a large screen, this article will tell you how to hang a TV on plaster walls.

How to hang a TV on plaster walls

One of the main aspects about installing a new TV is how to fit it correctly on your wall. If you’re dealing with an old house with a plaster wall, the pools are hard to find. This undermines the integrity of the foundation of the wall, and if you are not careful, you can cause permanent damage to the wall.

Does that mean that you have to employ a pro to prevent such malfunctions?

Yeah, that’s all you should do.

Or from this article you will learn how to hang and do the TV yourself on plaster walls!

What are the things you need?

You have to collect a few items before you start fixing a TV mount to the wall in order to enjoy the view without causing damages to your wall.

1. Stud Locater

A handheld device is a stud locator device behind the wall. It comes in two types.

1) Magnetic Stud Finder

2) Electric Stud Finder

2. TV Mount

The majority of TVs are fitted with a TV mount. The wall mounts are constructed to match a particular size and weight profile.

Make sure that your mount is compatible with your specific model if you need to buy it separately. For eg, if you are 50-inch in your television and you are trying to install in the 32-inch mount, be not surprised if the entire setup falls on the ground in seconds!

3.  Plastic Anchor

Often there are no studs behind the walls. This is where plaster anchors and fasteners come in!

4. Drilling Machine

In order to make the round troughs and drive the attachments to the wood bolts, a srilling machine is necessary for this project.

5. Driver Screw

In general, a sprinkler is a hand-held instrument for turning the slotted head on the screws. This is important for you install the anchor correctly.

It comes in different types, such as, slotted, Philips, Torx, Hex, Robertson etc. For this mission the Phillips screwdriver is suggested to achieve the desired results.

6. Bolts

Most TV-mounted plates are fitted with certain bolts. The bolts help to tighten the assembly gear and to stabilize the whole structure. In general, the M8 bolts are better suited.

Stuff to remember while mounting TV

Have you got everything in one position you need?


Let’s look at those factors that you have to remember before we start hanging the TV on the wall.

There are very versatile types of mount, but, you cannot put your TV on 2 spots at a time, however.

Or is it possible?

It’s like you’ve got a 2-placement TV at the same time if you add a tilting TV mount.

A fixed wall mount is a more acceptable choice if your TV is placed in perfect height and doesn’t have to be adjusted.

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What should do when the stud is not working?

Often the finders of electric studs are a little difficult. 

To be accurate, slowly cross the wall with the screwdriver and let the system read the material density along the way.

Start from a specific spot and then continue a few times over the surface. Then mark each point with the pen.

Showing the cords?

Would you like to make the brand new TV look amazing, right?

So, if a bunch of enclosed cord is on the TV, it would be an enormous eyebrow!

We recommend using an in-wall power extension or power relocation kit to cover all signal wires on the TV to ensure the cables remain covered.

11 Simple Steps to hang a TV into a wall with a plaster

1. Select the location of television

  • You should place the TV at the level of your eye. The bigger the TV is, the higher the viewing angle should be.
  • Ensure that the location is next to a power outlet.

2. Research the Wall

  • Use a screwdriver to find the screws, keep the screen on the wall and trigger this unit.
  • As soon as the finder leaves, mark the location of the stud and try to find the next. You should use a painter’s tape to recall the position properly.

3. Degree to mount

  • It is now time for the mount to be level. We suggest that you use a carpenter’s level to encourage your work (a tool that indicates if the surface is parallel / perpendicular to the ground).

4. Mark the Holes Needed

  • Keep the mount down on the wall and search for hole. Please notice the majority of the mounts have 4/5 hole and all the screw holes need to be balanced with the closest grippers.
    Pick a pencil on the screw holes.

5. Select Anchor

  • Select a plaster anchor with an average TV weight of at least 150 livres. The combined TV weight, installation and additional twenty percent above the total protection result should be the anchoring capacity if you think your TV size is greater than the average size.

6. Get into the Wall the Pilot Holes

  • To perforate pilot hole through the wall, use a masonry drill bit. At least 0.32 centimeters less than the anchor of the wall should be accessible for the drilled bit.
  • Drill through the marks that have already been created and make sure the drilled hole is wide enough to match the wall anchors you use.

7. Screwing Anchors

  • You will want an electric screwdriver to screw the anchor in the wall, depending on what anchors you use in your project.

8. Remove the anchor screws

  • Save this stage and switch to the next if you use toggle bolts.
  • Insert the screwdriver in the heads of the screw and switch against the clockwise direction.
  • The anchors remain in place when the screws fall out of the wall.

9. Enter the Mounting Board

  • Take the anchor torches and glide them through the wall and into the mounting plate.
    Clamp the screws to flush correctly against the wall.
  • Verify that the plate is correctly assembled.

10. Join the mounting board with the TV

  • Place the TV in a way that doesn’t harm it on a flat surface.
  • Take out any plastic cover on your TV’s back and squeeze it into the bracket by rotating it clockwise.
  • Please ask your colleague to lift the TV and place the platter with an armrest.

11. Final Step

  • Place the TV on the wall and check if it is in the center
  • Try to push the unit side by side to see if the whole thing is correctly mounted. Your job is finished here, if it is stable! 

Tips to consider

  1. Make sure that the mount style is consistent with the model number of your TV before mounting your television. A universal model can also be obtained if you like.
  2. It is possible to drill in the wrong position accidentally. Cover the hole with a plaster patch if this occurs.
  3. Attach all the electrical cables correctly before you install the television and make sure that you are able to find ways of covering the exposed wires to make them look.
  4. Buy cables longer than you think you’ll like. You can always stuff it, and cover it in the wall, if there are any additional cables.
  5. Before boiling the holes in the wall, make sure your TV is correctly positioned.
  6. Read your TV manual prior to installation and ask a specialist for advice if necessary.

FAQS- How to Hang a TV on Plaster Walls – Step by Step Guide

The TV can be mounted on plaster walls, but it must be installed using the right hardware and techniques. For additional support, studs must be located and anchors should be used specially designed for plaster walls. In addition, if you are unsure of the process, you may want to consult a professional.

A TV mount specifically designed for plaster walls can be mounted on the studs of a plaster wall by attaching it to the mount. Installing the TV this way will ensure its stability and security. Additionally, plaster wall anchors should be used with the assistance of a professional, and anchors designed specifically for plaster walls should also be used.

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Incorrect hanging causes damage permanently or worse to your brand-new TV.

But if the mounting bracket is correctly anchored with the wall, anything can be hung on the walls, with or without stubble.

Hopefully, our article shows you how to hang your TV on plaster walls without fear of harm for your wall or TV, and helped you to enjoy your favorite programs.

Bear in mind, you are not a pro and of course the entire task will take you more than twenty minutes. So, spend your time accordingly.

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