How To Make A Hang On Treestand? Complete Guide 2022 – 2023

How to make a hang on treestand

A tree stand is a small bench, which you can hang high above a tree to hunt. There are two key purposes are fulfilled by tree stands. First, they give the hunter a better perspective over the surrounding area so that it is possible to distinguish approaching game from away from father. Secondly, the tree stand does not let reveal hunter. Here is the complete guide about How to make a hang on treestand.

How To Make A Hang On Treestand?

This is not to suggest that a hunter is completely shielded from the game at the tree stand, but the hunter has a greater chance of remaining undetected and taking a shot than he or she does on the field when used in combination with limited movement when the game is close.

Below is how to choose, and hang on the tree. Also there are easier tip to manage the stand and finally HUNT!

Choose the Tree

Well, the first and foremost, you need to pick a straight tree. Yeah! That would do the job. Heavy lean trees should never be a choice, as when the wind picks up or the snow starts to fall, there is no way you can comfortably sit in your stand.

A tree with several dead branches at the trunk should not be used for this purpose. They are used for building log cabins.

Often evaluate the tree’s root, as that is where much of your stability comes from. Often the diameter of the trees will be a little smaller towards the top, but if the bottom is wide and solid, you will certainly be secure up there. No one wants to make their tree shake with a little breeze and make an immoral shot happen.

Hang the Treestand

When you stand on a gradient at the right height, you have to put the tree up so you can hang it. Slowly and slowly draw on the rope tied to your stand to prevent noise that can frighten nearby animals. Do not slide the tree on your tree’s side to raise it up. This can not only make lots of noise, but also make it more difficult to hit your climbing sticks. You can easily take it off if you have strapped the climbing stand on your back. Make sure you keep it close because it’s going to be really loud and you have to climb down the tree in order to get it.

Push the tree’s back against the tree facing, beneath the highest stick. Wrap the tree trunk cord or ratchet strap.  Ensure that your security cord is still over your tree stand. If you drop the stand when using it, the protection cord only works properly if it’s over the stand of the tree. To provide additional protection, attach a secondary sewing section on a strong branch on your stand.

After tightening and locking your tree stand, tightly grip the tree stand. Pull down on the top of the tree stand until it can go even more when standing by the highest climbing bar. This avoids the tree stand jumping about when you first step on it. Many tree stands have a metal post on the face of the tree. This is an excellent point to take to bring the booth in place.

The majority of trees have two separate parts to fold down to make the stand work. Fold the metal basis of the tree first and let your feet rest on a base. This should show a seat that can be folded down to sit and start hunting. If you are uncertain about the best way to do so, consult the manufacturer’s instructions about how to ply the tree stand.

Jump down from above to the hang-on stand, before sitting on the fold-off frame. Keep calm and wait for an animal to come and take a shot. Hanging and hunting arrangements require a lot of time, so let your prey settle down and don’t stalk. Don’t lose faith if a few hours after you have set up you don’t see any animals. When pulling your hunting gear up, don’t dragging it down the side of the tree to avoid making noise.

In specific, we have 2 tips that you can bear in mind while hanging your stand.

  1. Carefully pick your climbing sticks. We all know that it takes more money to slide sticks or one-piece ladders, but that’s for a reason. It is easy, it is stable, and it is effective. For hanging hardware, or additional help, save your screw-in moves. These, however, can never be relied solely on.
  2. Best is to choose a straight tree. Nonetheless, few trees will ever be completely straight. So it is crucial for you to know how to lean your body against the tree when you start climbing it.  Before you start climbing, go take a look and decide from which side of tree you are going up and from which side you can stay in line with the tree as much as you can be.

Tackle your stand

Many hunters may prefer to leave their treestands on their property year round, making it necessary for these hunters to maintain their stands properly. If you own a private property, you must be having many hanging places. By scaling your stands, entering your shooting lanes, and ensuring that they are all secure despite the surrounding areas, make sure that you check your stands. Consider any changes in the landscape or any serious damage that could have in any way caused the treestands to change. It is always vital that you keep an eye on any updates and improvements that you should make to your treestands.

Go Hunting!

Finally, when you are done with hanging and managing your treestand you need to recall some of the essential tips that might save you from getting injured.  We feel, however, that some of the most important tips for keeping handy are:

  1. If you are climbing, never bring supplies. Instead of concentrating on your muzzleloader or bow, it is essential that you concentrate on safely making it up. Make sure the weapons are not loaded and are protected by broadheads.
  2. If hunters ascend up or down the tree, the majority of injuries occur. Always use a safety belt to which your LifeLine is attached.
  3. In order to stop you from dropping more than 12 inches, LifeLines should always be connected and in place on your stand.

Although these few trips and tricks are just the basics. It is an ongoing process to learn how to properly hang, handle, and hunt your trees, but with these techniques in the back of your mind, we are confident that you will see success in the field.


  1. You might need to pick another location if it’s not helpful.
  2. Access to your stand from the lowest possible ground. Just because it’s a straight shot, never walk a ridge line down to your stand. Choose cover over rapidity.
  3. To get to your Treestand, do not carry food stuff with you. Anywhere you go, you will leave your smell.

Happy Hunting!

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