10 Skincare Mistakes You Must Avoid – Skincare Do’s & Dont’s


Hello Friend’s, Welcome back with a new and fresh article and Tips on Skincare.

What do you want to do for skin? All people tell you, but today I will tell you what to do for the skin and what should not.

Because many times we’ll do the little silly mistakes, so that we get a problem like pimples breakouts and blackheads and we have problems like scars, is I m right?

So today I’ll bring for you secret tips which will help you to make your skin crystal clear and clean let’s start with today’s actual topic.


top skincare mistakes to avoid

You should wash your face twice a day. If u travel back home; after traveling u should wash your face definitely. If you wash your face over and over again your face will produce more oil as compared to other times.

So don’t wash your face more than twice a day.


skincare dos and donts

Exfoliate your face twice in a week, whenever you apply the cream on your face it will not absorb into your face because of the layer of dead skin cells so it is very important to exfoliate your face with the help of scrub twice in a week it will help to absorb cream on your face.


top skincare mistakes that everyone do

Whatever your skin type, you should definitely apply moisturizer on your face. We see babies have soft and fluffy skin their skin contains more water content so it is necessary to apply moisturizer daily to make our skin soft and supple.


skincare cares for everyone

Don’t touch your face again and again. Whenever u eat you wash your hands but with those dirty hands u touch your face again and again which cause germs on your face and it will become pimple and breakout on your face.


best practices for protecting skin

If you have oily and pimple prone skin apply toner after face wash. It willhelps to remove your pimples. Toner will go into your pores and pluck out all the dirts from your pores and make your face clean.


protecting from sun - skincare tips

We have to apply sunscreen daily in every season. Sometimes, on our face dark spots and freckles come due to sun damage so that’s why you have to apply sunscreen to save your face from UV-A raise and UV-B raise.


prevent from pimples, skincare tips

Don’t poke your pimples as it causes scares on your face and your face looks dull by poking pimple. This causes infection by increase melanin production on your face and it will leave dark spots and scar on your face.


facial - skincare tips and dos

Do facial once a month it will help to increase your blood circulation. Whichever cream you apply your face during the massage it will absorb into your pores and make your skin smooth and supple.


preventing from wrinkles - skincare tips

Cleanliness of the skin along with cleansing of the body is also extremely important for you to drink detoxification drink.

We do a lot of things to make our skin glowing but we do not care about our internal body we become lazy, so now don’t be lazy 😉 Unless we keep our body clean internally, our face will remain natural.


cleaning of inner body - skincare tips

Before sleeping u have to remove your makeup do you know if you do not remove your makeup your skin get become 7 times more fine lines and wrinkles.

For removing makeup:

Dry Skin: If you have dry skin u can use coconut oil.

Oily Skin: If u have oily skin use raw milk and u can also use market makeup remover.

Normal Skin: If u have normal skin u can use aloe vera gel as well.

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