8 Things to consider when buying a Laptop


things to consider when buying a laptopHi beautiful people, Welcome to a new blog post.

The commonly used technologies now a days are computers and laptops. So, many people like to use computers/desktop computers and most of them love to play with laptops. So, its very important to know what things to consider when buying a laptop.

Students love to use laptops because of their portability functions, speed, easiness and many more. Gamers also do fun with the latest games, and for this purpose, they search to buy the best gaming accessories and their reviews so that they may buy the finest and best thing.

So, for this purpose, Besticious team proudly sharing the 8 things you need to know before buying the best laptop.

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1. Requirement:

things to consider when buying a laptop - requirements

The first thing of all is the ‘requirement’. About what your requirement is. Are you into media production, or you need a laptop for casual browsing or either you need one for your homework assignments?

If you choose to buy a laptop for media production you can think about getting a workhorse or you can go for MacBook Pro it’s RAM has to be more than enough, a laptop which also contains an SSD.

But if you need a laptop for casual browsing or homework assignments, you can get a decent computer under approx. $200 to $300. Which will also provide you a decent RAM of 2 to 3 GB and will also have an HDD which will help you for your work.

2. Processor:

things to consider when buying a laptop - processor

On number 2 we have a ‘processor’. Processor is a little confusing because the processor has 7 generations and every generation has I3, I5, and I7.

The fun part is if you buy I7 of first-generation and buy I3 of 7th generation and you just think that I3 will be better and faster than I7. But on paper, it seems like I7 is faster but it’s not like that my friend.

Generation matters a lot. So, make sure you check what generation it is.

But how will you check, what generation it is?

Well, If you look at the processor, there’s a number written on processor’s front It can be 600, 800 or 2500 So if it’s in 1000’s series that means it’s the first generation.

And if it’s in 2000’s series, it shows it’s the second generation And likewise, it goes on for every generation.

3. RAM:

things to consider when buying a laptop - ram

Third, we have ‘RAM’. As I mentioned at the start of the article that it depends on your work. Either you’re wishing to buy a workhorse or you’re buying it for your casual browsing.

So, if you’re looking for a laptop for your usual browsing, I would suggest that 3 to 4 GB is more than enough for you. But if you would like to expand it and work on some graphic elements on it then I would say you require 8 GB for it.

And you could go up to 16 GB, but going even more ahead of 16 GB is a little waste because we usually don’t require more than that.

But really it depends on your usage because if I recommend you something which isn’t fulfilling your requirement then it’s no use.

As we discussed in our first point that it completely depends on the requirement.

4. Storage:

things to consider when buying a laptop - storage

After that, the next important thing is ‘Storage’. In storage, you get an HDD and an SSD.

The difference between both is that SSD is faster and better with the fast data transfer rate. So whatever software you use or windows you boot, it does it in seconds.

But a misconception here mostly is that one should put a light processor and use SSD So that your computer will work fast and better. But the processor and storage work in a completely different way.

Though the storage will be working at its best but the processor will work in the same way it was designed. Though, HDD is cheaper than SSD. So, if you’re looking for a laptop under a budget, you won’t have an SSD in that.

5. Graphics Card:

things to consider when buying a laptop - graphics card

Another point we’ll look into is a dedicated graphic.

If you’re looking forward to buying a laptop for your casual browsing use, then It’s not very necessary to have a dedicated graphics card along with it.

But if you’d like to work with graphics or use animations than you must look into dedicated graphics. And you can look into AMD’s and Nvidia’s graphics cards.

And they(graphics card companies) promote it very aggressively, so you can easily see on the box if the graphics chip is available in it or not.

6. warranty:

things to consider when buying a laptop - warranty

Later on, another important point we have here is a warranty.

If we look into warranties. There are two types of warranties. First is a local warranty, and the other is an International warranty.

The local warranty has a huge issue in it, which is not really known by everyone. The issue is if your computer needs to be fixed, it will only be fixed by your local vendor.

It won’t be repaired by any official company. So, the third party repairing your computer uses aftermarket items as well under the hood and you don’t get to know about that.

So, I always recommend that if you are getting the computer, so save up your $200 and don’t get a local warranty.

And if you travel, you can claim international warranty anywhere, It’s attached to your computer so you can always claim it.

7. Build Quality:

things to consider when buying a laptop - build quality

Another point we have to look over is the ‘Build Quality’.

So you’ll have to see if you are going for the plastic body or aluminum body. What type of build quality is it?

Will it be capable of working for 5 years? Is the touchpad of plastic or metal? So, these are all the things because if you use a mouse pad for a long time, it starts to brush off.

So, you’ll have to see what type of build quality is it, will it survive if it falls? And will it last for 3 to 4 years according to how you use it?

8. Extras:

8 things to consider while buying a laptop

Next point we have here is the ‘Extras’.

Extras are a little tricky because we always tend to notice what processor and HD, and webcam it is. But you have to even see in this, that;

What type of keyboard are you getting along with it? Is it a chiclet-style keyboard? butterfly style keyboard? or membrane keyboard?

Later, what type of output are speakers providing? is it the stereo speaker? or mono speaker? And how many IO ports does it have?

Are you getting USB type C or not? If you need a CDROM, so are you getting it or not?

Because even these little things increase the cost as well increase. And it creates a whole complete experience like, for suppose if you need a port, and your computer doesn’t have it then it’ll be a little hard to spend 4 years with a machine like this.

Another point, which also should be noticed in Extras, is the Bluetooth what type of Bluetooth is it? is it 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0?

Because Bluetooth connects a lot of devices along, I even connect my mouse with Bluetooth, my speakers are also connected with Bluetooth, my keyboard is also connected with Bluetooth.

You can check the keyboard if it’s backlit or not. So, it’s not an issue to use it at night. How’s the hunch of the computer? Does it open completely or not?

Final words:

So, I think if you take care of these specific things then I think you’re bringing a very solid device with you. I’d like to end my article here. The following things you should consider while buying a best laptop for you.

Don’t forget to mention your laptop specifications and profession in the comment section and we’ll do our best to help you in upgrading your system.

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